Vocal Dark Gifts

Vocal Dark Gifts


There comes a time when certain dark gifts require a vocal component for them to work. Most notably, the dark gift of Mind Control, which has been developed today. ( 29/6/2010 )


Lower levels of this Dark Gift will allow the user to issue commands to NPC's getting them to perform actions for the Vampire, the weak minded fools will obey these commands without realising what they are doing. The vampire can even communicate through these meat sacks.


The Current Method of Mind Control is via +target NPCNAME   while having whisper mode set to individual.

Then, all of your whispers will be directed at that human.

Commands that exist so far are.

Stop - Stop walking, remain paralyzed for about 13-24 seconds.

Sleep - Sleep for 13-24 seconds.

Blind - Cannot see for 13-24 seconds.

Follow - Follow the vampire master, or perhaps other targets.

Run - Invokes a fear in the target, causing them to flee any hostiles in the area.

Release - Releases the Target from any of the above effects, as well as disabling the 'say' command below. 

Say - This command will enable the vampire to make the target speak whatever he wants. Call 'say' on its own first, then anything that you say afterwards will be spoken, except for the above commands.

Activate - Finds the nearest activatable object, walks to it, and uses it. Good if you are a vampire needing to get past a ward gate.


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