Lore:Glyph Magic and Ward Gates

Lore:Glyph Magic and Ward Gates


Glyph Magic

Glyph Magic is a magic that an ancient banished race bought back to Nosgoth, when they returned from the Demon Dimension. Their hatred of their Ancient Vampire Foes drove them to perfect the magic to be effective against vampires. They have taught some of this magic to the Sarafan they now support.


Glyphs are Glowing Green Crystaline structures within the areas of Miridian, and possibly elsewhere, they form a network, which runs throughout the city powering ward gates, and other machinery.

Because the Glyphs operate in a Series Circuit fashion, you can disable an entire network of them, if you can find a Glyph that is close enough to the energy source. The Glyph Energy Source, and the Glyph Crystals themselves can be in different areas, and still be connected.

Ward Gates

Ward Gates is the primary defense the Sarafan has against the Vampires. The gates themselves do little damage to the vampires, but they do effectively knock them back, and alert nearby Sarafan to a vampire's presence in the area. If you run into these gates, be sure to prepare yourself for a fight,  hide, or run.



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