Active Dark Gifts

Active Dark Gifts


Below are just a few of the known Dark Gifts within Nosgoth. Know this, that most vampires acquire Dark Gifts in an evolutionary manner. How their Gift Evolves, depends on their choices.

Dark Gift 



 By Spreading the Dark Gift to others (players), your own Bloodline is extended.

Alternatively, Drinking blood via Bite will heal you of some of your wounds. All Vampires, possess this ability. (PlayerTool1)

 Acid Claws

 Some bloodlines, have evolved to have a poisonous or acidic nature, this is reflected when they can endow their claws with Acid Damage.

 Mist Form

 Some Vampires can change into Mist, to elude their enemies, or use their Mist Form to sneak past an enemy un-noticed.

 Wolf Form

 By taking on the aspect of the Wolf, the Vampire becomes quicker, and deals extra damage based on his or her level.

 Hear Thoughts

 When used on an enemy, the vampire will be privy to the innermost thoughts of that being. When used on another player, the vampire is able to temporarily hear that party or talk chats from a great distance away.

 Bat Form

 More of a travel power, but this will allow the vampire to return to most areas he has visited already.


 The vampire is able to teleport either to a location in line of sight, or a place he has visited before.


 When used on players - will confuse them. When used on npc's, the NPC's will become slaves to your will.


 When used on a creature, this will knock the creature down momentarily, dealing slight damage. When used on doors or chests, this will unlock them. Items on the ground can be picked up in this manner too.

 Sharpen Claws

 The Vampire can sharpen his or her claws before entering combat, to temporarily give them the power to cut through most armors.

 Summon Nightmares

 Will vs Fear save required - Failure to meet the save will result in a Monstrous Entity apearing, which only the Target will be able to see. The nightmare visage will scare the target into tripping, and remaining on the ground cowering in fear for a duration between 5-10 seconds.

 Summon Plague

 The vampire is able to sense the corpses in the earth below, and bring the essense of death up from them. The result is the vampire becoming a center of disease. Any enemies within too close a range, will be subject to any number of diseases.


 The vampire through force of will, can subjugate a single enemy/target, halting their ability to think. The effect is debilitating to say the least. Enemies become blinded and unable to act.

 Water Bolt

 The vampire gains the ability to focus water into a weapon. While harmful to a degree to humans, water is almost always deadly to vampire kin.

 Stone Skin

 The vampire can temporarily harden his flesh gaining armor bonus.

 Blood Healing

 Sacrificing some of your own blood, to heal a comrade.



Many more to come.

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